Class Actions


In some cases, employers violate California Labor laws regarding so many employees, that the employees bring a class action lawsuit, in which a large group of similarly situated employees sue the employer in a single lawsuit. This is accomplished by one or more of the employees acting as representatives for an entire group of claimants who have been affected by a common violation, but who do not need to participate in the lawsuit in order to be awarded a recovery. The class action vehicle promotes judicial economy by saving court time, and allows a single judge to hear all the concerns at the same time, and come to one settlement or resolution for all parties. This process creates a procedure for redressing a relatively small claim that might otherwise be too costly to litigate on an individual basis.Successful class action lawsuits can force businesses who think they are above the law to change their practices and/or pay for damages.


The Malk Law Firm has brought class action lawsuits in State and Federal courts on behalf of truck drivers, couriers, and other workers who have been denied meal breaks, overtime, or were not adequately reimbursed for their work expenses. We are also investigating cases against hospitals, airport transportation companies, and other industries.


If you believe that you may have a class action lawsuit, please tell us about your case.